Sailors Speak – Ajit Diaz – Wet’n Wild Regatta

The best possible sailing venue in our country!
Where can we get verdant green hills dipping into deep blue clean waters all in unspoilt pristine cool surroundings of the western ghats. This place is a sailor’s dream!

– Ajit Diaz, Jury, Wet’n Wild Regatta 2016

Sailors Speak – Pradip Sagar – Wet’n Wild Regatta

Sailing at Pavana this time of the year is never plain sailing. But then again plain sailing never made a worthwhile sailor. This is what I love about wet & wild regattas and the competitive stamina the participants exuberate.
I wish them all fair winds.

– Pradip Sagar

Sailors Speak – Sevi Singh – Wet’n Wild Regatta

“Lake Pavna – What a gorgeous locale for Sailing. Pristine waters, shifting winds with rain thrown in, to test the most accomplished sailors. Not to mention the phenomenal 360 degree stupendous view, when the sailors have the time to take it in. A total sailors paradise. Great organization in previous regattas here, in spite of difficult launching access to the lake.

As in most regattas, infringements happen on the water. What is disappointing is that most sailors shy away from filing protests. This is most likely because they are uncertain of the rules as most of the sailors are quite young. They need to bone up on the rules. With knowledge of the rules, these young sailors can become more accomplished and competitive sailors, paving the way for bigger and better things.”

– Sevi Singh – Jury – Wet’n Wild Regatta 2017